A Look Inside My Dream House

Jonathan Malm has a great blog full of short, encouraging and inspiring posts. He was traveling in Argentina recently and wrote quite a bit about what he learned from the culture and people. What I loved most about his writing was how he wove the lessons into his own life and made them relatable.

Building Your Dream House

My favorite post from his travels was this one, called Building Your Dream House, which I want to share in its entirety for you here:

“The other night we were invited to eat at someone’s house. We didn’t know the fellow but figured…free food…why not! We showed up…delicious by the way. I was so impressed by this guy’s house. It was enormous and gorgeous.

But he didn’t always live in such a plush house.

Behind the pool was a tiny pool house. It was a pretty modest pool house…but not a great house. His family of four used to live there.

It’s pretty common in Argentina to buy a piece of land, live in a tiny house, and build your new one on the same property. What a cool idea! You buy the land cheaply, live modestly, then reap the benefits later.

I think we need to be more like that when it comes to our dreams. I think we need to move into the land that our dream occupies. Then start building. Too many people wait until they have everything together to start working on their dreams. But we never have everything together. Those who accomplish big dreams move to the land. They commit themselves to it. They live below what they could to make their dream a reality.

Have you moved into your dream’s real estate? Have you committed yourself to it? Or are you waiting for all the resources to come together before you start.

Let me encourage you. Start.”

What a beautiful connection between the cultural norm there and what it could mean for our lives here if we embrace that philosophy.

More saving. More doing.

Reminds me of the Home Depot tagline: More saving. More doing. That’s what we need when it comes to our dreams. We need to invest more in them, but we also need to start doing them.

I moved onto my property in December of 2011 when I started this blog. I’m living as modestly as I know how (a.k.a. making no money from blogging whatsoever).

But I’m saving.

I’m sharpening my voice and my skills. I’m learning what it means to be a writer and live and breathe words.

Because dreams are too important to keep saving and hoping it works out.

Do you know what dream property it’s time you moved onto?

4 responses to “A Look Inside My Dream House”

  1. Brittany says:

    Love this! Moving onto the land first so that I can accomplish my dreams!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi there,

    Any idea where this house was originally found on the Web?  I’d love to see the floorplan!


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