Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

This is the second in a three-part series that will explore how we identify our calling and begin to live it out.

In the previous post, I started off this mini-series by explaining God’s mission for us. We all have the same mission: to make disciples all over the world and to teach them to obey all of God’s commandments for their lives.

Instead of searching for a unique mission, we should realize we all have the same mission. What we should be searching for is how God intended for us to get in on the adventure.

And for that we must look at where He has gifted us.

Spiritual gifts

Upon receiving Jesus as our savior, the Holy Spirit lays on each of us a unique gift or set of gifts. These are what’s referred to as spiritual gifts. The gifts are areas you have supernatural abilities to develop. (Notice I say develop. It’s not always overnight.)

For instance, I have the gift of teaching. While I’m not an excellent teacher right now, I have been given the supernatural ability to develop my gift of teaching. Meaning that eventually I could be a better teacher than someone who is not spiritually gifted in this area.

Uncovering your spiritual gifts

Discovering your spiritual gifts and further developing them is a life-changing event. My life has been forever altered after going on the journey to discover mine. A proper exploration of your gifts will help you discover your personality type, spiritual gifts, and your passions.

When you understand how to use those, it’s an incredible combination of holy force. And it will give your life new direction.

What to do, where to do it, and how to do it

Here’s how my pastor Jim White explained it in a tweet,

“Your spiritual gift tells you what to do for Christ; your passions tell you where to do it; your personality tells you how.”

What I found is there was a reason that I was either good or not so good at things throughout my life. There was now a cause to areas of strength and weakness in my life. It was all because God made me this way.

It’s like you’ve had these things on the tip of your tongue your entire life and you’re finally able to say, “Yes! That makes sense!

How to discover your spiritual gifts

To discover your spiritual gifts, you can take this quick test (it’s FREE and will take no more than 15 minutes). If you’re interested in further discovering your gifts and beginning to develop them, I instruct a FREE course through my church’s online learning center called Designed by God. Check here for details and dates of enrollment.

I pray that you take the time to explore this. It brings meaning and purpose to your life in a way you’ve always longed for.

God crafted each of us with unique gifts. It must break His heart when we don’t even take time to open them. I love how Ken Gire puts this in The Reflective Life,

“It is a great loss that we awake to so many gifts on a given day, not only without opening them, but without knowing they are even there for us to open.”

Since we have different gifts, don’t we have different missions?

Regardless of your gifts and callings, you’re not in any way excluded from Jesus’ mission of reaching the world for Christ.

Here’s how David Platt described this in Radical,

“Now, we know each of us has different gifts, different skills, different passions, and different callings from God. God has gifted you and me in different ways. This was undoubtedly the case with the disciples. Peter and Paul had different callings. However, each follower of Christ in the New Testament, regardless of his or her calling, was intended to take up the mantle of proclaiming the gospel to the ends of the earth. That’s the reason why he gave each of them his Spirit and why he gave them all the same plan: make disciples of all nations.”

I’m supposed to use my gifts of teaching, knowledge and discernment, and my passion for writing to engage other people for Christ. As an accountant, you may be able to better allow a missional organization to operate more financially efficiently. Or maybe you can provide free services in exchange for people listening to a short message about the Lord.

Finding our adapter

Surging through this world is God’s life force. Think of it like a power outlet. If we were to take an American appliance to Europe we would have to use an adapter to plug in to the outlet. There’s still electricity on the other side, but the plug won’t quite fit. It’s the same with discovering our gifts. We all have a plug, but it doesn’t quite fit without God. What we’re looking for is the unique adapter God designed for us so we can plug in to His mission.

Ken Gire sums it up this way:

“When we know our gifting, our calling, that thing we were made for, we can serve God more effectively because there is less wasted motion to our activity.”

Further Reading:

Where has God gifted you?

I would love to hear about your spiritual gifts and how you are using them for Christ’s mission.

15 responses to “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts”

  1. Thomas Mason says:

    I took the test and discovered that my highest score is in Administration/Ruling. I'm not in any organization or activity that utilizes this spiritual gift currently. I teach a second grade Sunday School class. I'm not sure how this fits in with my other category scores.

    • aparchedsoul says:

      Hey Thomas,

      Administration is a tough one to understand sometimes.

      My wife, for example, also ranks highest in administration. For her, it means she has an incredible capacity to complete tasks in a small amount of time compared to other people. She is a school teacher, so this gift allows her to focus her time on making the biggest impact on the children while she has their attention. She doesn't get bogged down with the administrative activities that come with running your own classroom the way others might. And she doesn't get overwhelmed by these tasks when others might feel buried under their weight.

      Does that help make some sense out of it?

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  3. Dan Black says:

    God has gifted me in leadership, creativity, and teaching. I have always liked MT. 25 where it talks about the talents. It's a very important story when it comes to finding, developing, and using our gifts and talents for God. Very insightful quotes and thoughts.

    • aparchedsoul says:

      Thanks Dan!

      I love that verse as well. It's nice to know that all these things we feel and notice were no accident; that they were designed by a God who loves us.

      Thank you for commenting.

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  11. Denise says:

    I just took the test and I got Mercy at 15, Exhortation at 11, wisdom at 11 etc… I was wondering how to figure out what they mean and now how to develop them.

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  13. Christabel Tan says:

    I took the test and got Mercy-19, Exhoratation-18, Pastor/Teaching- 18. I was told by others that I have the gift of encouragement, counselling and I’m very loving. This test is quite accurate!

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